What Must to Know Before You Decide to Buy a House

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Many people are anxious to buying the first home of their own. And there are many questions so How to Buy a House?, Where to buy a House?, How to buy without a seller’s trick?, and etc. Therefore, the buyer should often learn the surroundings as a tool for help decide to buy a house or real estate, those for preventing being deceived sale or in a colloquial speech called Sell a Pup. The knowledge that we may find from the library, bookstore, property investment experts person, and articles that provide knowledge on the Internet. Today we will tell you what information you need to know before buying a house and details are below.


History of Land and House


– We need to know the history of the land to build a house for the living because some buyers may face disputes in those lands, such as the government have a project to expropriate a piece of land for construct the road or rail etc. That makes buyers waste the time and opportunity so much.


– If a second-hand house, buyers should ask for information from the residents nearby area or search for news on the Internet that ever has a criminal history in that house or not.


Structure of House

Leaked Roof

– Some houses may have a leak in the roof already that create a nuisance to the residents and make the house was damaged. So before decide to purchase buyers should ask the landlord to see the roof and the walls surrounding it before. For those who already purchased may find a qualified technician to carry out roof leaks. Because most of them  will only clog the leak. When heavy rain, it will leak again.

Cracked Wall

– Wall crack is a warning sign that houses are collapsed cause of the ground level of the house has no equal. And in the worst case, the calcareous post of the house may split or break off.

Collapsed House

– House was collapsed it possible from a house was submerged for a long time cause of heavy rains are frequent when the water receded that will remove sand under of the house away. This may also include a vibration because the house is near a construction zone with heavy machines.

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